Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Quick update:

The meeting went very well with the contractor I met with a few weeks back. He's supposed to be working on some floor plans for me. He's currently working on another house.

There is another contractor that wants to put in his bid on the project. I say the more the merrier. I haven't met with him, yet. He's working on another house, too.

And, to make things interesting, my original contractor has come back in the picture. He would like to work on the house, but I told him that I had spoken with other contractors and they were putting in bids, and he was welcome to submit his. He's working on some other projects.

None of these guys have worked on my house at all, so it's fair game.

I'm waiting for true bids these days. On paper. Guaranteed estimates, or as close as one can come to that. And then I will make my decision.

I've waited this long. What is another month?