Monday, January 12, 2009

Those scraps of paper come in handy...

Things are starting back up again at my house!

My contractor, who had a shoulder injury last year in August, has had the required surgery and physical therapy and is waiting for me to get another dumpster delivered to the work site, which I shall order (and will hopefully be delivered) tomorrow. He went back to his regular job in December and has been doing a few handyman type jobs for other people while waiting to get started back on my house.

Last week my Dad helped me pick up some lumber and materials for the site and I plan to pick up at least another truckload of stuff this week.

To Do:

-finish the demo (very, very little left at this point)
-level the house in a few areas (and build new piers)
-move one wall (and spot replace a few studs)
-replace/add sub-floors

and then we're ready for:
-the electrician
-the plumber
-the a/c man

and inspection (!)

which leads to:

I know there are a few steps in between, and I posses an active, vivid imagination, but I can see the house finished. And it's closer now than it has been before. And my contractor has an extra day or two during the week now to work on my house.

I took random, dorky pictures of the lumber I bought last week, just to prove that work was starting back, but I had to send my laptop away to be repaired, and the pictures went with it. Try not to let the disappointment overwhelm you.

On a happier note, I have several running lists of prices and items on random scraps of paper and napkins of things like light fixtures, toilets, storm doors, paint colors, and doorknobs. It's almost a kind of sickness. I fight the urge to walk to aisles of Lowe's after work. My pockets and my planner overflow with these lists. I don't feel as silly about any more though now that work is starting back.

I've learned this: if you happen to see a guy at work compulsively sketching out something on a sad little piece of paper, it's probably a new kitchen layout idea. Or perhaps what the bathroom would look like with pedestal sinks. Maybe even ideas for a built-in bookcase. At least that's what it is in my case.

Hopefully next time I'll have some pictures of a new wall or foundation piers or the bathroom completely gutted, and will be again posting from my laptop. Anyone up for a trip to Lowe's?