Friday, May 20, 2011

Ceilings! 5/19

I took these pictures right when Marcus-the-Mighty and Amos were finishing up for the day. The stippling is still wet, so you can see some damp spots.

I originally wanted a flat ceiling, with no texture, but it would make every dip and sway in the ceiling show. They are all minor dips, I know where they are, but the average person wouldn't. It's just an old house.

Marcus-the-Mighty suggested a knock-down ceiling texture, that is a good mix between stippling and a flat finish, but you have to paint a knock-down ceiling. And I've painted ceilings before, it's not a fun thing, much less to do a whole house.

So we compromised and he did a light stippling, which I am VERY happy with. It's just enough texture to make it interesting, to hide the imperfections, and give it a finished look.

It's very sparse and light, airy.
It actually raises the ceiling about its 10' height.

The Foyer

I decided to Sheetrock over the original wooden porch ceiling that was closed in, to give this a fully renovated and modern look. My aim was to not be able to tell that this Foyer was actually once part of the porch. Great strides were taken outside, and on the inside I wanted it to 'match'.

Look at the hole for the ceiling air conditioning vent. This was cut AFTER the Sheetrock went up.
Not a single hole cut by Marcus-the-Mighty required taping or mudding.

He's that good.

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