Friday, May 20, 2011

Hey, You! Over Here...

May 2011

Sit down for a bit. Let's talk and catch up.

If anyone is keeping track, my house is now 101 and I'm 30. It's been about a year since I last posted. When I left off, the rough-ins for electricity (a new panel box), the brand new air conditioning system (ducts and all), and the plumbing had been completely done, ready and waiting. Let me emphasize the waiting.

The last project I did down at my house was installing the vapor barrier and insulation. I also introduced the Side Project, the saving of an old butler's pantry cabinet. With work being absolutely crazy last summer and the inconvenience of a house fire at my parents' last August (everyone is okay!), progress on my house stopped. I went by and trimmed the yard and kept it trash free. I stored things there, and visited it on lunch breaks. I rode by twice a day. But nothing happened.

Until about two weeks ago, when the Marcus-the-Mighty Sheetrock Guy showed up. Yes!, I said SHEETROCK! I've waited four years for sheetrock. Doesn't that sound like a huge step? Like, a 'Wow, you're close to moving in!', step? *snicker*. Yeah. Sure.

But it is progress and there are many more pictures and updates to follow. It's too exciting!

Stop by next time and we'll go inside!

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